sábado, 13 de enero de 2007

DaY 9.......JaN 12tH.......HeAdInG hOmE

Well theirs not much to say about this day, i mean lets be honest here, this is the worse part of the entire trip. Saying goodbye is not an easy thing to do especially when you bonded with your tour guide and you just felt rite at home being in Costa Rica!! Also the a mount of bonding that took place this past week was just incredible i mean were talking about bonding between students to students and also students to teachers. I mean i have to be honest and say that i cried when we left and when it was time to just say bye to everyone. It just hurts so much because here you are in another coutry with a group of people inside a tour bus for 9 days and of course you just bond and just get close with each other and its like doing that for a long period of time its just hard to say bye.

What i can say is im truly blessed to have been apart of this experience, and also i learned a tremendous amount of things from Blogging, Geocache, Sype, Podcasting, and overall about Costa Rica and just the naturalness of the country. I will miss the entire crew that went, along with the crazy fun nites at the clubs, the crazy nites we stood up real late, and also just the adventurous things we did such as white water rafting, canopy tour, ATV's, and the tarzan swing. I just want you all to know that i have alot of love for everyone of you that made my first experience out the country just a memorable one!

" KU" !!!!!..........." LeT eM kNoW"!!!!!!!!!!!!

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2007

DaY 8 .......JaN 10tH.......BaCk To SaN jOsE

Well today we took that long drive back to the city of San Jose which took about 4 hours. Today is unfortunately a sad day when it comes to the trip. It is our last night and also day in Costa Rica. We spent our last dinner together and just discussed what we liked the most and just told stories of the past week. Also during the evening we all gathered and went out to one of San Jose´s great night clubs to just have some fun laughing, dancing, and just sharing the last moments we have in San Jose.

Tomorrow will be the hardest day of all, to say goodbye to Costa Rica, Jose, Giovani, and of course to the new friends that i have developed during this trip. For many of you that don´t know i will be leaving 3 days after we return for an internship in Florida, so thats why i will be really sad to see everyone go. I have been blessed to be apart of this trip and of the Kean Community.

DaY 7 .......JaN 9tH.......CeNtRaL pAcIfIc CoAsT

Ahhhh once again it was beautiful to wake up to a nice view of the beach and the sunlight, and also to a very HOTT morning, and when i say hott, were talking about 95 degrees. So today the activity planned was to visit the Manuel Antonio National Park which we took a short nature hike to the best and more beautiful small beach in Costa Rica!!!! When we arrived to the beach, it was like a beach you could only find in a movie or on a deserted island some where far far away in the middle of thje ocean. The beach was amazing, the water was as blue as could be, and also the temperature of the water was just PERFECT. We stood at the beach for about 2 hours to relax, swim, and also continue to work on our tans (which by the way i was successful because now i look like a CHERRY) so anyhow it was a fun time for everyone.

On the ride back from the beach back to our hotel many of my fellow students confronted me and were interested in also doing the ATV tour, so i started to form a small group to take the tour, because after Andrew and I returned from yesterdays tour we bragged and now everyone is curious!! So we actually formed a large group to do the ATV tour which added to 12 of us to go to the ATV tour. The crew had a great time!!! And i was really glad they did, because now they have added a new thing to their list of ( THE THINGS I DID IN C.R LIST) .

So as you can see today was a great day, but also our last day and night here at Jaco Beach, because tomorrow we had back to San Jose.

DaY 6 .......JaN 8tH.......CeNtRaL pAcIfIc CoAsT

AHHHH yess the day we get to go and also see the beautiful beaches that Costa Rica has to offer :-) well today we went to Jaco Beach which is on the Central Pacific Coast and it of course like everything else was beautiful. We had a free day to ourselves once we arrived. So many of us went to the beach to start working on that tan and others went into town to do some shopping and also went to the internet cafe´s.

After i had went to the beach for a little while i then went to find out information about renting ATV´s for a few hours, and i was lucky enough to have luck and come across them. I found a good price and actually took a 2 hour tour and also Andrew joined me to participate on the ATV tour. It was a great ride!!!! The ATV´s were fast, and just very bouncy, but we had a great time, we were taken to a high point up in the mountain where we were able to see our hotel. and also other beaches. Also after riding the rough mountainous roads we headed down to a beach where we saw the most perfect sunset along with some nearby crocodiles. The ride was great, we took many pictures along the ride and at the beach. This was also a great thing to do in Costa Rica.

This day was a very fun day and also just filled with excitment but of course we continue to see how much more exciting the trip becomes as day 7 approaches.

Day 5.......Jan 7tH........MoNtEvErDe

Today was a day filled with many fun and exciting activities such as visiting the Santa Elena Cloud Forest which we took an Hour and a half hike to see the forest, and see the different kinds of plants, trees, and also a few birds. The exciting part of this hike was when we came to a tower which allowed tourists like us to walk up about 75ft taking stairs to the tippy top and look over the the forest and just see the breath taking view!!! It was really scary!! and I´m very surprised i even attempted it but this trip is about doing new and adventurous things!!! The pictures i took from this view are just one of a kind!!!

Next we went on the canopy tour and let me just say that this was WILD and just amazing. It was something that i had never tried before and I´m sure glad i did because it gives you a sense of fear but you feel so good after you do it and it just about pushes to think you could do anything!!! During this experience i actually took my camcorder and wrapped it around my neck and basically had it on record and recorded almost the whole thing, it was truly wild and the video is going to be nuts once its edited and turned into a podcast ( which by the way will be available on i-tunes soon and wil cost .99 and all donations will go to HeLp PuT mOnEy InTo ScOtTs PoCkEt FoUnDaTiOn...jk ) the tour was really awesome and thats also something i cant wait to try again.

Last but certainly not least, we went to a local High School by our hotel to plant a tree for the community:-) which was really nice because it was like doing community service on vacation and community service is something im always for!!! So it was nice to be able to help beautify the local school along with the coimmunity.

As you can see the days here are just soo much fun :-) and now we look forward to day 6

DaY 4.......JaN 6tH.......MoNtEvErDe

Today was a nice day however we faced some rain that we typically get in Florida which is it rains for a little while and then it stops and the sun comes out and then it rains again, so anyway today we had the opportunity to take a boat excursion on the lake where the Arenal Volcano can be seen. as well as many other gorgeous views of mountains. It was a nice boat ride and we saw many more birds, and animals. The highlight of the ride was really when (us) the students gathered and played a very funny game where one person would throw an object and then the group would have to catch it, however the person who throws it has to also guess who caught it and has it, so if you don´t guess correctly then you will be asked to do something silly, so i would have to say the high light of the game was Wilma, when she had to dance around and sing (TOO SEXYY) and boy was that priceless and hilarious.

Today was a more mellow day and just relaxed but we continue our journey and see whats going to happen on day 5

DaY 3 .....JaN 5tH .... ArEnAl

Ahh yesss today was indeed another great day in this beautiful country of Costa Rica and also in the city of Arenal. Today we had the chance to experience something like nothing else!!! WHITE WATER RAFTING!!!! Can i say it any louder, this was just an incredible experience. The group prepared itself for what was about to become the most adventurous thing they have ever done in their life!!!

We met with our instructor that went over the equipment we would be wearing along with the safety procedures while rafting. When we arrived to the river area we were equiped with a paddle, life vest, and helmet. Then we took a small short stroll to a small area where our instructor allowed us to jump from rocks into a deep part of the river. This was totally awesome and just full of excitement. Also let me just say that the water was very cold but also refreshing as could be!!! We continued on to ride down the rough waters of Costa Rica and let me just tell you that it was ROUGH, however so much fun. We worked hard to paddle as a group which consisted of 6 people per raft. The water was rough and also bumpy, but along the way we saw some nice scenery, birds, and a few animals. We also made a small snack break where we munched on some fresh fruit and also had the chance to just swim in the river while others were enjoying the fresh fruit. The overall experience of this was just incredible. And i cant wait to try it again back home some time.

Once our white water rafting excursion was over we headed to the HOT WATER SPRINGS which was just relaxation the whole time :-) This was a small park where there were about 8 pools of water that were heated by the volcano near by. This was not just your average pool but a pool of water that was heated NATURALLY and truly just a great place to relax and enjoy life :-) Many of the pools surrounded bar areas where anyone can drink and also listen to the great music that Costa Rica offers.

As many of you can see this trip just seems to get better and better but now its time to look ahead at day 4